The Journey of Faith Continues.

SINCE 1878

Through the years, the people of Bethlehem have gathered to celebrate, sing, and share in Christian community.  Today, the rhythm of Christian life continues — in and through the gifts of this generation. 

Our Beliefs

In worship, the people of Bethlehem gather to hear the Word of God, to receive the sacraments of God’s grace, and to nurture one another in Christian community.

The journey of faith is a lifelong pursuit, but Christ leads the way.  God's living Spirit sustains and strengthens us as we follow Christ's call forward in service to God and one another.

Bethlehem is a family-oriented faith community where all ages and perspectives are valued and respected.  We're a distinctly Lutheran community, where grace speaks with authority (often).  We're a community of broken people, called to something more, and there faith meets us.  

Meet Our Team

The leadership and staff here at Bethlehem Lutheran includes a gifted team of men and women who care for one another and the mission of this church. If you have any questions for any of us, feel free to email us here.  Another option: feel free to contact the church office by phone or stop by Monday through Friday during office hours.

  • Nat Bothwell - Pastor

    Pastor Nat joined Bethlehem in September of 2018 after two years of serving the Southeastern Iowa Synod as an interim pastor.  A 2016 graduate of Wartburg Seminary, Nat brings his life experience and a distinctly-Lutheran perspective to BLC.  Pastor Nat is married to his wife Minna (also an ELCA pastor); together they have a daughter (Ada) and a dog (Artie).

  • Lori McCasland - Administrative Assistant

    Lori joined the Bethlehem office officially in 2020 after 35 years of teaching in the Ames school district.  A native of Slater, Lori is a life-long Lutheran and long-time member of Bethlehem.  When she's not working at church (or tutoring... or quilting... or raising chickens), Lori enjoys a leisurely (ha!) retirement with her 7 kids and 8 grandkids.

  • Stacey Cleverley - Interim Assistant

    We are so appreciative that Stacey has volunteered to serve as needed in the church office into 2022.  Stacey lives with her husband William, sons Karsen and Ryan, and dog "Louie" in Slater.  Apart from her Lutheran identity, Stacey is a faithful Cardinals fan, and she's seen a game or two in Busch Stadium with her family! 

  • Bethlehem's Church Council

    Back row (from left): Gary Ihle, Ben Johnson, Bill White, Rick Zimmermann. Middle row:  Erica Weeks-Burger (and Greta), Brenda Neville, Lori McCasland, and Barb Mallon.  Front row (from left): Rita Thorson, Pastor Nat, Stacey Cleverley, and Mike Helland.

  • William Polzin - Organist & Music Leader

    William is an Iowa State grad with a bachelor's and master's degree in aerospace engineering and a minor in music (which is to say, our music director is essentially a rocket scientist).  William is a talented musician, a loyal ISU alum, and a software engineer (in his spare time).  Outside of music, William's other hobbies include juggling and playing chess.