Their Path is Now.

A critical time in every child's development, junior high brings a pace of change like no other.  These are years of increasing independence and more difficult questions.  During Bethlehem's program year, there are Sunday school opportunities for these kids weekly.  For 7th and 8th graders, the Sunday schedule is supplemented with more intentional study & reflection on Wednesday nights (culminating in each child's Affirmation of Baptism).

7th & 8th Grade

Jr. high is a transitional time in the life a child, and at Bethlehem, our 7th & 8th graders follow a course of bible study that is as collegial as it is educational.  These are the confirmation years, a time of self-reflection and faith exploration.  In the Lutheran church, confirmation often follows a two-year track.  At Bethlehem, year 1 immerses the student in Old Testament stories while year 2 focuses on the New Testament and Lutheran theology.  It's our goal to provide a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment where these young theologians can wrestle with the big questions.

Confirmation isn't a Graduation.

The journey of faith is a life-long pursuit, and your Affirmation of Baptism is just the beginning.  There are opportunities to organize our high school youth at Bethlehem (for summer trips, or even possibly a national gathering). If you're a young person looking for a place to connect (or perhaps a parent with an interest in leading a youth group), contact the church office or email us!